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IMPORTANT please take time to read

The session starts off with a warm welcome, to make you feel at ease and appease your nervousness. We can take the time to discuss and clarify some points. 

After that, I will bring you to the bathroom where a clean towel, unscented soap and other toiletries are waiting for you. Shower is mandatory.


The session takes place in the comfort of my apartment, accompanied by the music of your choice.  My dungeon equipped of all sorts of toys ( see practice for toy list )

Each having his own threshold of pain tolerance, throughout the session it is my duty to make sure of your well-being.


For the experience to be as pleasant for you as for me, you need to take notice of these rules. 

1-During the session, you cannot touch or kiss me without my permission

2-  I'm selective:  kindness, discretion and courtesy are some of my criterias for my future subs. (I have a preference for older men)

3- It is possible for me to send a picture of my face in exchange of a picture of you.

4- I receive in a pleasant, discreet and easy access place . If you prefer that i come to you , it is possible. Outcalls are minimum 1h + traveling fees.  

5- Business before pleasure, the envelope upon your arrival.

6-During our telephone conversation prior to our appointment, the size of the envelope will be determined

7-NO NEGOCIATION! I offer an outstanding service!  Some exceptions on DUO and  multiple session.

8- My outfit is entirely at my discretion, do not worry my look is always polished, and I will take in consideration your preference. 

9-I prefer a non pre-established scenario, I love to use my imagination and go with the flow.  

10-Hygiene is very important, once you arrive a shower is mandatory!

11- No hostility, aggressivity or discourtesy will be tolerated.


If you do not show up to our appointment and you don't notify me, you will be automatically  blocked and your phone number will be giving to other Dominatrixes. 

13- If you want the session to be filmed or pictures be taken it is possible with some additional fees, but I will not be the subject in the pictures or the film. 

14- You need to respect our arrangement.

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