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Whether you are a sub, a professional or an exploring couple, you will find what you are looking for on this site :

handmade leather flogger made by silence mon amour
Maitresse Chloe Fantaisy

A professional dominatrix

Wooden trône you can find my dungeon

A rental space adapted to your fantasies

Having always had an attraction towards BDSM, which reflects my great curiosity about my sexuality, it was only when a girlfriend introduced me to a typical evening that my passion developed.  From evening to evening, I participated more and more to finally master the art of domination.

I have been playing with my male and female subs for more than fifteen years.

My activities are not limited to sessions in Montreal.  My art has indeed crossed borders and is practiced on more than one continent. (Paris, London, NY, Toronto). My notoriety allowed me to represent BDSM as a special guest at naughty parties.  In addition, my unique look and voluptuous curves were often modeled in burlesque and boudoir photo shoots. 

Which brings me to today, ready to expand in related projects and partnering with open and passionate people like me! 

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