chloe fantaisy

Having spent a few years in a corporate world, where i felt as an imposter, I henceforth bloom completly by wearing the mistress suit of your fantaisies!


Having received a good education, my taste of adventure showed itself very dominant after my studies. I went off to explore the wold to soak up the diverse cultures.

In spite of my young thirties, i had the chance to visit many amazing places that all brought me an imcomparable knowledge and wealth. I shall not teach you nothing by saying that my biggest center of interest is traveling, However, a good soundtrack owes to accompagny all my trips. A day without music is like a beach without sun ! Through my journeys, I was lucky to indulge in another passion, gastronomy.   

Social butterfly, i love to be surrounded by different people! 



 HEIGTH: 5,5

 Weigth: 152lb

 Cup size: 95D naturel 


 Blond curly hair

 Green eyes

 3 tatoos 

 Shoe size: 71/2 - 8

 feet always manicured

 Nationality : Canadienne

 Spoken lauguage: French and English

Being very opened minded about my sexuality, i've always bee attracted to BDSM, my passion was ignited when a friend initiated me to special events. Every night i was participating more and more and at the final, i ``mastered`` the art of dominatio.

I have been leading session with my men or woman subs over heigt years.

My art does not limit itself to session in Montreal, It has crossed borders and i practice it on more than one Continent. (Paris,London, NY,Toronto) My renowned granted me the opportunaty to represent BDSM as a special guest in naughty events.  Furthemore i've been a model for burlesque and boudoir photoshoots.